MuniciPay’s Batch Uploader Tool

The MuniciPay Batch Uploader tool will save you time by allowing you to process multiple transactions simultaneously in a single exported file. It’s safe, secure and easy to use. All you need is a computer with an internet connection to securely upload the batch files.


  • Saves Time! Reduces the time needed to enter individual transactions.
  • Ideal for businesses processing larger number of transactions that do not occur in real time. ie. Accounts receivable, recurring transactions, memberships etc.
  • Integrate with existing systems. Export transactions via .CSV file from existing systems.

  • 100% Secure and PCI compliant.
  • Run batch job at any time, 24/7.
  • Only requires a PC and an internet connection to process.
  • Works with most existing payment processors / platforms.
  • Error logging that helps prevent duplicate file submissions. 
  • Live person support 9am-5pm est M-F.   

How it works:

  1. Each of your customers is issued a one-time secure customer token via the Paytrace Gateway. This token is then stored in your customer database/POS/accounting system. No sensitive credit card data is stored or transmitted. If you already use the Paytrace Gateway and have tokens for your customers, our Batch Uploader Tool will accept those. The only time you need to obtain a token is when it’s a new customer set up (one time). The Paytrace Gateway makes it easy to obtain customer tokens.
  2. You create a batch file for multiple transactions you wish to run using these tokens. ie. Customer #1 Token; $x.xx; Customer #2 Token; $x.xx etc. This process can be done using a simple spreadsheet or can be created by exporting the data directly out of your existing POS/Accounting system.
  3. You save this data in a simple predetermined .csv format to a pre-setup folder saved on your desktop PC. Our MuniciPay staff will assist you in setting this folder up.
  4. You then run the MuniciPay Batch Uploader Tool. MuniciPay will assist you to set up this executable file from your desktop. The Uploader Tool will quickly upload all the transactions in a single batch to the Paytrace gateway.
  5. You will get receipt confirmations of each transaction the same way you would for a single individual transaction using the Paytrace Gateway. 
  6. View all transaction data you submitted via the batch uploader tool inside of the Paytrace application.

What does it Cost?

  • One Time Set Up/Install Fee (per PC): $99
  • Monthly Licensing Fee : $20/month
  • Per Item Fee: 10 cents per item

For More Information / Sign up

Thank you for your interest in the MuniciPay Batch Uploader Tool. Please fill out the following information:

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