MuniciPay, together with Autoagent, has initiated the process of upgrading our customers to our new MuniciPay 3.0 Platform. Please watch out for an email containing your scheduled upgrade date. In the meantime, here are answers to some common questions:

  • Is customer support going to change?
    • Customer support will not change. In the coming months, you may hear a new prompt, but you will be put through to the same great team you are accustomed to.
    • There will continue to be a fast customer support response time. MuniciPay and Autoagent are committed to free, 24/7/365 customer service.
    • Autoagent and MuniciPAY have always been service driven. We continue to be committed to our core values.
  • Will the processors be changing? 
    • No
  • Will deposit times change? 
    • No
  • Do I need to fill out more paperwork?
    • We do not anticipate that you will have to fill-out paperwork. We will make the transition as seamless and as easy as possible
  • Will my banking info need to be changed? 
    • No
  • Is the technology going to change?
    • Nothing will change immediately however, once your account has been transferred over to MuniciPay 3.0, you will have immediate access to additional features and optional training
  • Will service fees be changing? 
    • No
  • Will my data be secure during the transition?
    • Yes! Security is our top priority, and your data will always remain secure. Autoagent and MuniciPAY are PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant and utilize practices exceeding security standards.

NEW features!

Once your account is transferred over to the MuniciPAY 3.0 platform, you will experience several new features.

  • The top 5 feature improvements are:
    • Midnight Batching to Your Time Zone. Your deposits will match your daily reports.
    • Create a Secure Wallet. Citizens will not have to enter their payment information every time they visit the website. Citizens will be able to create and save a secure wallet for check-out, making the check-out process easier and faster.
    • Your Account Information and Collected Data in One Place. Instead of clicking between multiple screens to see all your account information
    • Pick a Quantity. Choose a quantity in the shopping cart (5-yard waste bags, 3 concessions tickets…).
    • Billing Advantages. Reoccurring billing, text reminders and several more advantages.
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