Electronic Checks


Consumer Convenience Fee Pass Processing Costs to the Consumer


  • Consumer pays check processing fee
  • Low cost option for Bill Pay systems and non-profits
  • No increased operating expenses
  • Free comprehensive customer service and technical support assistance
No Fee Processing Solution

Consumers pay the costs associated with processing checks normally paid by the merchant. With processing fees passed to the consumer, you have the opportunity to accept and process checks with no increased operating expenses. No transaction, batch, return, network or compliance fees. Best of all…no monthly service or annual service fees.

Complete Online Reporting

Free online reporting gives you complete access to transaction tracking with features such as bank statements, deposit details, batch results, and transaction history.

Dedicated Merchant Support

Need help? Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact customer service and technical support for free assistance.

Easy to Implement

An excellent low-cost option for Bill Pay systems and non-profits. The Consumer Convenience Fee will allow you to boost cash flow and revenue. Add this feature to your virtual check program and start earning more.

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