IVR Payments

Your customers can experience an increase in electronic payment adoption by over 50% when they offer IVR payments by phone or text. Your customers are expecting more payment options, and through our help with best practices for driving adoption, dramatic increases are possible. With MuniciPAY, you will…


Delight Customers

Customers are demanding more from the offices they frequent in regards to payment options. MuniciPAY enables you to deliver the multi-channel payment options your customers need.


Fewer Delinquencies

With automated payments by phone, citizens with limited Internet access or busy during business hours can easily make payments and check balances on their schedule.


Increase Efficiency

With 24/7/365 automated payments, we give you the tools you need to increase efficiency, especially during those high volume cycles when customers receive their bills.

Seamless Integration

Purpose-built for a simple integration process with our partners.

Real-Time Records Updates

MuniciPAY’s IVR solution will update customer records in real-time through MuniciPAY 2.0’s reporting platform.

Relentless Security

PCI Level 1, NACHA certified and HIPAA compliant for protection of customer records.

Total Partner Support

We help you get more revenue by increasing adoption amongst your customers.


“After integrating IVR into our MuniciPAY 2.0 platform, we experienced a 15% increase in overall revenue.”

Accept Payments 24/7/365

People are expecting after-hours service from companies.

Mitigate PCI Risk

We offload the majority of your PCI compliance risk.

Speech Recognition

Our proprietary technology understands the more complex demands of alphanumeric speech recognition over the phone.

Pricing Models

We offer options for both service fees and absorption models.

Customizable Call Flows

We can create customized call flows specific to individual business needs.

Account Lookups

Callers can gain account information such as balance due, next payment and more.



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