As previously announced, MuniciPAY 2.0 will be going live soon! With this update, there will be a mandatory equipment upgrade to meet PCI Security Guidelines for point-to-point encryption (P2PE) requirements.

It has always been our goal at MuniciPAY to provide our merchants with the most up to date and secure payment options available to keep cardholder data protected. With this equipment upgrade, we will continue to do just that.

Benefits of Upgrading to P2PE Equipment Include:

  • Encrypts cardholder data into indecipherable codes instantly
  • Prevents hacking of cardholder data
  • Cardholders can be assured that their credit card data is secure
  • P2PE eliminates the risk of compromised credit card data in a face to face environment
  • Reduces merchant PCI scope
  • Upgrade will include free annual enrollment in PCI compliance validation program and free quarterly vulnerability network scans (if applicable)

Click here to learn more about Encrypting and Tokenizing Sensitive Cardholder Data.

Your existing Magtek card readers will no longer work with the release of MuniciPAY 2.0. Choose one of 3 upgrade options.

Click here to upgrade equipment.

Please note, to avoid any downtime for card swipe transactions, please click the link above to order your equipment as soon as possible. Equipment will be shipped in advance and invoiced at time of scheduled upgrade from MuniciPAY 1.0 to MuniciPAY 2.0 over the next 90 days. Please continue to use your existing hardware until which time we reach out to upgrade you from MuniciPAY 1.0 to MuniciPAY 2.0. 

Please take time to review the MuniciPAY 2.0 User Guide and reach out to with any questions.

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