Dear MuniciPAY Customers,

Each year the Card Associations implement several new interchange and fee modifications that result in higher rates and/or fees. Unlike retail customers who have had these modifications passed through to them as they occur, MuniciPAY has been absorbing these fee modifications and increases over the years without passing them through to you or your customers. Unfortunately, due to the recent card association modifications in 2016, MuniciPAY is forced to modify its Convenience/Service fee program rates for transactions effective October 1st, 2016. Please note the following modification.

  • Convenience/Service Fee Rates. This will be minimally increased by $.002 for every $1 processed or a .20% increase. (Example: If your current convenience fee is 2.45%, the new rate will be 2.65%) Despite this increase, we are confident that our convenience/service fee rates are still among the most competitive in the industry today.

Please take the time to update any material that displays your Convenience/Service Fee to reflect the fee change.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any one of our MuniciPAY support specialists at 877-590 -5097 or at

Thank you for your business,

The MuniciPAY Team

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